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Struggling to build YOUR TEAM? We build teams for any/all of the opportunities listed on this site (See selection below) for anybody for a fixed fee of….

$2.50 $1.50 or less a month (paid annually) per opportunity!!

All In One Profits

Buckets Of Banners (BoB)
Downline Traffic Builder
The Money Station (TMS)
Wealthy Affiliate (WA)
RotateLinks Pro (RLP) – Not Available
This Rotator Is Used For Upgraded RLP Members Only
Secure Future International (SFI) – Not Available
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Go HERE to see other sites you can use to build your personal traffic and income. (This directs to our Useful Knowledge Forum which is monitised with a Cryto Coin Mining script which funds free PSA’s for our SFI Team Members. This will not harm your computer and only uses any spare computing power you are not using whilst you are there.)

Save yourself some money! See  Subscription Specials and save the equivalent of upto four months worth of payments when you advertise multiple opportunities!

Go HERE to become an affiliate and earn a Commission on every sale!

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Why $1.50? For most people something for nothing does not work. So a charge for this service is reasonable. Everybody has their own agenda, so I’ll be upfront and tell you mine. In the first instance, by paying the equivalent of $1.50 a month or less per opportunity, most people who want extra advertising should be able to afford this amount regardless of their personal circumstances. Dollar wise this has got to be some of the best value advertising for advertisers money can buy.

Of this $1.50 I will personally pocket about $0.50 after paypal fees, hosting costs, Purchase Points allocation, Traffic Purchases, etc. If I can get enough people to do this then it becomes a nice additional sum each month.

Every opportunity is a genuine way to make money online (Blogging, MLM, Free Money, Instant Income, Advertising, Paid To Click, etc.) and all of them offer excellent support and training.

Of the opportunities listed, it does not matter who introduced you, you are paying to build your existing downlines in any of the opportunities available, but chances are that you do not already belong to all of them and some of you will join some of them through my personal links. You can join all of them for free and in most of them you never need to spend a penny to make money. Obviously, if you upgrade in the opportunities, this page becomes a much better investment.

70% of any income that I receive from these opportunities, after I have paid my own costs, are distributed in various ways to active members of RotateLinks Pro which I own. This leaves me with 30% of something, which in my world is way better than 100% of nothing!

So there you have it, I personally get just under two dollars a year from you and in return I’ll let you share in the traffic this blog and our High Traffic Hits page receives. Every banner or post that I make links to a page containing the main bullet points and a random link to an existing subscriber of this service. Regular posts about individual opportunities ensures interest and, hopefully, traction in the search engines.

Active RotateLinks Pro users also advertise this blog when they use the rotator, which they get paid to do. Many of programs listed are also showing on the RotateLinks Pro home page and in the members downline builder, which defaults to a LinkedUp subscriber if details are not filled in. We use the free LeadsLeap trackers exclusively to monitor this activity to ensure that our subscribers are receiving value for their money.

To subscribe to any of our selected opportunities join RotateLinks Pro (RLP), make sure your referral link(s) are included in the RLP Downline Builder if applicable and send me your Paypal transaction number and the referral URL of the opportunity required using the contact form within the RotateLinks Pro member area once you have setup your subscription via the button below.

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