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So how do I promote online opportunities until I’ve earnt some money to pay for advertising? This is a question asked of many online entreprenuers and the answer is simple – EVERYWHERE!!

Not all advertising is created equal and to be honest most of it is a waste of time. However, you never know where a paying referral could come from, so all traffic to your preferred opportunity is worth having, especially if it has cost nothing. If you want to see exactly where your visits are coming from use the trackers available for free at LeadsLeap.

So which is best? This is a matter of opinion and I believe you should have your eggs in as many baskets as possible, be it traffic exchanges, ad boards or email. I’ve listed what I do on a daily basis to generate traffic & income, but my preferred method is the credit based safelists or viral mailers as they are now named.

With traffic exchanges any site viewed is selected by the traffic exchange and you quite literally have a few seconds to make any impression. With the viral mailer you can often get your advertising out there to a better targeted audience by sending 1000’s of emails with a single click of a submit button. By doing this you are effectively getting three ways of securing a signup. The recipient is immediately given the choice to read or not to read an email based on your headline, so make sure it looks interesting. If your headline works, then you can presell your opportunity within the email itself and finally a visit to your actual site.

So what do I do?

First off I usually login into my main email account to see how many new subscribers I need to add to the All In One Profit (AIOP) rotator. AIOP has the most lucrative compensation plan in this industry…bar none and it’s a great place to start my day. I love this site so much I have added it in one of two top performing banner slots at RotateLinks Pro complete with link to signup to a free TEAM BUILD even if you are already a member! (See header above for more details if you are interested.) The other banner is also a TEAM BUILD link for Super APE

Incidentially, the free to join Cash In On Banners also features AIOP as a major source of profits and again you don’t have to join through their link to benefit.

When I’ve done that I’ll login to RotateLinks Pro as I own this site and want to provide the best service I can for my own members.

I will deal with anything that needs attention including assigning credits to new rotator users at TrafficG before moving on to PIFexplosion and click through their solo ads to earn a few cents and send a solo ad to their members. I do have an upgraded membership at this site and this solo ad clicking effectively pays for this, however this is optional.

If you do decide to upgrade it comes with a matrix which is building up nicely for me plus it gives you a pro membership and credits at a sister site All4Pro, which I will also access and earn a few more cents and credits for some additional free advertising on a daily basis. All members of this site have either purchased an upgrade or have spent money at one of their other sites. That’s known as paying members only folks, so it is well worth paying the massive lifetime fee of $4.90 at PIF just to get All4Pro access.

A third site in the same group is ViralTECoop, which I also belong to. I use this site because not only can you pick up cents daily just for clicking, you can promote their rotator and earn credits which you use to add your own sites into the rotator, which, at the time of writing this, was being advertised in 538 manual traffic exchanges giving you massive traffic exchange coverage without having to belong to all of these sites.

Although many advertising sources offer free banner impressions as part of their signup offer, which you should utilise, I like to ensure I am getting my banners out there everyday. To do this I use BucketsOfBanners and will generally visit everyday to assign credits.

Next I’ll go to SFI and turn the 10 tabs that cost me nothing green (All of them except EZ & PB) as I firmly believe this is the place a secure retirement income will eventually come from. I also ensure any of the free prize draws are completed, whilst I am on their site.

Finally I’ll login to ConversionSurf and access their downline builder. The downline builder contains mostly free traffic sources and the advise they give makes a lot of sense in my little mind regardless of where I advertise. I’ll decide what I want to do in terms of surfing, posting or emailing and use their downline builder as my own personal promotions hub to access my chosen sites. My chances of getting referrals is directly proportional to the number of activities I choose as my daily task so more is better.

Be aware, however, ConversionSurf is part of the Landmarketing Group, who are in business to make money so you will be subjected to a lot of OTO’s, special offers, etc., when you join any of their suggested traffic sources, most of which belong to them. You can ignore these until you start seeing some money coming in.

When it comes to advertising within these or any other traffic sources I tend to promote those that I find are the easiest for me when it comes to getting signups via leadsleap trackers so that every time I advertise any opportunity I also get the chance at picking up a referral to leadsleap.

The best of these is ConversionSurf via their downline builder. Make sure you fill this in. You don’t have to do it all at once, just signup to a few at a time, otherwise it will drive you mad. Make sure you use a gmail account as you will get a lot of mail from the mailers.

My favourite opportunity is actually Super APE. You can read why I like it HERE

You can semi-automate a lot of your promotional activity by using Traffic Browser to surf traffic exchanges and Mailer Ninja for mailing. Signup is free for both of these and there are 100’s of advertising sources available to you, but you need to be aware that setting these up will take some time in the first instance. Once you have mastered the technique required to use any individual source it becomes easier and the time saved is well worth the effort.

Once I have done my daily must do activities, I’ll either take the rest of the day off, write something interesting to post to a WordPress Blog or check out some of the other sites showing below that I have used and continue to do so from time to time to ensure that my promotions are being seen in an ever increasing network of places. (See More Free Advertising Sites Here)

LinkCollider Most days I’ll login to this site in order to increase the SEO of my sites using social media.

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Thank You Page Connection




European Safelist – The very best in old school style, credit based safelists. $3 a month upgraded members even get an easy to use fully functional autoresponder and squeeze page generator.


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