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Super APE is owned by Marculus Miller, whom I have personally found to be very helpful when I get confused, (happens a lot lol) is an awesome way of building a highly monified (is that a word?) business, especially if you are a fan of the funded proposal style of marketing. It is effectively a downline builder with many of the instant pay and one-time fee biz opps listed.

Anybody can join for free, but can’t do anything until they have paid a $7 registration fee. Using a 2up compensation plan you need to find 2 qualifiers before you make any money.

They will be passed up to your sponsor. Your 3rd sale to infinity belongs to you. You will grow your income and autopilot list building starting with your 3rd sale. Your 3rd and subsequent sales each earn you $5 from the registration fee. Your 3rd sale will then need to pass their qualifiers to you just like you did to your sponsor.

With the low level entry ($7) point, I am finding this an easy business to promote. As an incentive to signup you get four traffic exchange upgrades and corresponding credits, which are also owned by Marculus, but only if you follow the instructions that are given in the members area.  There is a lot of information to read, all of it good stuff, but may be a bit much for some. There are probably too many splash pages, most of which are really good, but the actual site is dull by comparison.

There are suggestions on how the best way to proceed with funding the biz opps listed, as you earn money from registration fees, which is great, especially if you are on a limited budget.

I give this my highest recommendation and think it is a great way to build yourself a massive income starting from a very small amount.


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